Lebanon (Christmas – New Year 2012) Part 2

My vacation continues, I went to the mountains, where my where my relatives live. Of course, the best part about going the mountains, is the beautiful view:

Mountain 1

Mountain 2

mountain 3

The next day, I went down to Beirut, and walked to Rawche

Rawche 1

Rawche 2

I then continued walking towards Manara:

Manara 1

Manara 2


Manara 3: I really regret not taking a video of this guy singing and playing on his 3oud

At night, I went to Beirut Souks:

Beirut Souks 1

Beirut Souks 2

Beirut Souks 3

Beirut Souks 4

I hope u enjoyed the few pictures I shared with you.

Don’t forget to check out Part 1, and for more pictures, check out my Google Plus gallery .

Let me know what you think, Leave me a comment Below or email me at LebaneseRob@Gmail.com


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