Lebanon (Christmas – New Year 2012) Part 1

This Last winter I had the longest vacation I could ever get from my university. It was a month long vacation. Of course, there is nowhere better to spend all this free time then my beloved Lebanon.

Needless to say, the best feeling a Lebanese gets, is when he looks out the airplane window and sees Beirut. Lebanese people living in other countries fantasize about this moment everyday. The plane lands and we are finally home.

First thing you see in Lebanon

At the airport we become inpatient, we want to get out to see our families and friends. collect our luggage and head straight out to be welcomed by all our beloved ones. and then head back home. No matter how long you live in another country, you still feel like this is where you truly belong when you get to your place in Lebanon. Then, you engorge yourself with all the great Lebanese food your mother made.

just got to Lebanon and found out mom made me all this food

 Of course one of the first things you have to do when you go back is to have a good old Almaza Beer.

My all time favorite beer: Almaza.

 The morning after we wake up to one of Lebanon’s best tradition a “sobhiye”. A sobhiye is what Lebanese do in the morning. Coffee with the all the family it’s usually very quiet, its definitively a good way to reduce stress. A sobhiye is sometimes accompanied with Fairuz songs, which also help you relax. This is not something I do in the USA. Life here is always busy here and there is no time for something this relaxing.


 Then,  after some quiet time having coffee and chatting, we move on to breakfast. what could be a a Knefe? this is probably the best breakfast anyone could ever have.

The best Breakfast you can ever have.

 After having breakfast, I took a walk in the most beloved street in Lebanon, Hamra. This street has always had its charm, its one of the most vibrant streets in Lebanon. Hamra is full of Cafes and shops and most recently an increasing number of pubs. Hamra is more than a street people go to shop, there is a certain vibe there that cannot be explained. It is one of these things that has to be experienced to be appreciated.

Hamra 1

Hamra 2

Hamra 3

Hamra 4

Hamra 5

 On my way back home i grabbed a box full of one of my favorite treats. Tarbouch (Hat in Arabic) is a small biscuit, with meringue on top, covered in chocolate.

Tarbouch 1

Tarbouch 2

Tarbouch 3

Tarbouch 4

at the end of the day, I went out on our balcony. the sun was setting…

Sunset from my balcony

I spent 30 minutes in watching the sun set into the sea  while the sky made a beautiful display of changing colors, until finally, the sky became completely dark.

This is a good place to end this post. Expect part 2 soon.


5 responses to “Lebanon (Christmas – New Year 2012) Part 1

  • indie21

    Hey Rob,
    Very interesting post and nice pictures 🙂
    I’m going to Beirut, Lebanon next week with my dad. Any ideas on what to do and where to go like authentic places and hidden things that not many tourists know?

    Note that I have been there before and I’ve been to the famous touristic sites such as jeita, baalbeck, lady of Harrissa, Jimeyzeh, Rawcheh and the famous barbar!

    Cheers 🙂

    • Rob

      I’m glad u like my post, i will be posting more pictures soon. I don’t know when u last visited Lebanon, I think the best places to are mostly pubs in Hamra. places like Abou Elie or Amigo in Hamra. in The 2dn part, i’ll show more of the places i went to. Enjoy your Trip to Lebanon!

      • indie21

        One quick question: does the faraya mountain require to get a ticket in advance just to get on the telefrique?

        Thanks so much for the info, I love the 10 commandements of abou elie 🙂

  • Sarine

    Awww!! I CAN’T WAIT til I go back in the summer! This post and the pictures made me even more hungry for a Lebanese summer 🙂 That feeling you get when the plane lands, the view of Beirut from the sky, the people…
    I can’t find decent knefeh here in LA. They’re bad :/ (Just out of curiosity, where did you get the knefeh in the picture? 😛 My favorite is Amal Bohsali’s 😀 )
    And Hamra’s my favorite street as well! There’s something about it… I can’t really explain. Nice post! Waiting for part 2 🙂

    • Rob

      I’m glad you like it! 😀 the knefeh in the picture is from a place close to my home called “El Bayk” they only make Knefeh and its realy good! I like Amal Bohsali too, they are both great!
      I Love Hamra, it’s my favorate place in Lebanon! just walking there is therapeutic! 🙂 Yalla Part 2 Coming Soon! 😀

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