Lebanon (Christmas – New Year 2012) Part 2

My vacation continues, I went to the mountains, where my where my relatives live. Of course, the best part about going the mountains, is the beautiful view:

Mountain 1

Mountain 2

mountain 3

The next day, I went down to Beirut, and walked to Rawche

Rawche 1

Rawche 2

I then continued walking towards Manara:

Manara 1

Manara 2


Manara 3: I really regret not taking a video of this guy singing and playing on his 3oud

At night, I went to Beirut Souks:

Beirut Souks 1

Beirut Souks 2

Beirut Souks 3

Beirut Souks 4

I hope u enjoyed the few pictures I shared with you.

Don’t forget to check out Part 1, and for more pictures, check out my Google Plus gallery .

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Lebanon (Christmas – New Year 2012) Part 1

This Last winter I had the longest vacation I could ever get from my university. It was a month long vacation. Of course, there is nowhere better to spend all this free time then my beloved Lebanon.

Needless to say, the best feeling a Lebanese gets, is when he looks out the airplane window and sees Beirut. Lebanese people living in other countries fantasize about this moment everyday. The plane lands and we are finally home.

First thing you see in Lebanon

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